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Houston Party DJ And Emcee

Bring the life to your party with our DJ and Emcee services

They know how to bring the party for sure!!

–Ashley H.

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Your Party Is Our Party

At Signature Eventx, we understand that every party is different and our DJs and Emcees are specially trained to match what best fits with yours. We work closely together as a team so no detail goes unnoticed from start-to finish. Whether you’re looking for someone to get the crowd hyped up or keep the energy going all night long, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure your party is one to remember – for all the right reasons!

Our Party Services:

  • Quinceañera
  • Birthday Parties
  • Grad Parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Proms & School Event
  • And Much Much More!
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My 60th Birthday Party was so amazing and lit! The band, and (MC) Micheal, was energized from beginning to the end.  They were professional and paid attention to every little detail.  Their music database is great and it allows you to choose your music. You can edit and save your music at any time. Do you want someone to give you all the bells and whistles? I highly recommend them to anyone who wants  to be entertained from beginning to end.

–Rosalyn Mason

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Add-Ons & Extras

Solo DJ Packages

  • Signature DJ Only: [Up to 4hrs]
  • Signature DJ/Uplighting: [Includes 10 lights]
  • Signature DJ/Photobooth: [Includes all-digital booth]
  • Signature DJ/Photobooth/Uplighting: [12 Uplights, digital booth included]

Additional Items

  • Custom Vinyl Dance Floor Wrap: [Price Varies depending on Size and Design]
    • The moment the doors open to your reception and the dance floor has been wrap in an elegant custom design that makes brings your entire décor fantasy to its peak!
  • Cold Indoor Sparklers: [Comes in pairs] [Can be used indoors and outdoors]
    • That moment when your name is announced and you burst through the doors in a blaze of glory or your having your first dance and literally sparks just fly and then to top it all off while leaving you light up the night sky with untamed sparks to signify you have officially arrived……… Do we really need to go on?
  • Signature Party: [Includes Dance Floor Lasers, multi-color flashers etc.] [Also includes glow sticks or crazy shades, and party hats]
    • Dance Floor lights will bring your dance floor from a plain and motionless open space to a colorful non stop party. With crazy party favors for guest to enjoy hours into the night they will never want to leave and will take fun photos for memories to share.
  • Décor Lighting: (Uplighting) [Specials offered with purchase of 30 or more uplights]
    • Decor lighting is diffused light, often colored using LEDs or PAR light, that sets the mood of a room or outdoor area and provides basic illumination over a broad area, often adding a decorative touch and very often known as “uplighting.”
  • Custom Monogram (Gobo): [Depending on design of monogram]
    • Monogram lighting will personalize each wedding and event. Whether it is a monogram of a couple’s initials or words of inspiration, monograms are a sure way to put your own personal stamp on your wedding or event.
  • Photo Montage and/or Video DJing: [per 50” TV and montage]
    • Share your special memories from your childhood, company, engagement, and more with a custom photo montage that your family and friends will never forget. Video DJing offers you and your guests that extra wow affect by giving them extraordinary visuals while they are dancing. Not only will you be able to hear a great mix of songs, but you will also have the luxury of watching the music videos being mixed live.

The Extras

  • Services
    • Ceremony Sound Only: [Covers all music and 2 Lapel’s up to 1hr]
  • Equipment
    • Generator
    • Gig Bar/Dance Floor Party Lighting
    • SubWoofer
    • Extra Microphone
    • Extra Lapel Microphone
    • Extra Speaker
  • Performers
    • Dancers
    • Fire Eaters/LED Hula Hoop Performers: [Fire eaters comes with licensed, Bonded and Insured Professional and Standby. Hour can be split between cocktail and Dinner]
    • Choreographed Dancers: [Up to 2 routines And they will teach you the routines to be apart of etc.]
    • Costumed Go-Go Dancers: [Dancers dress in whatever custom or requested costume character]
  • Experiences
    • Popcorn Machine: [Comes with 150 Serving Size]
    • Outside Theatre: [Includes Speaker]
    • Confetti Cannon
    • Balloon Drops: [Starting at 100 balloons]
    • Dancing on a cloud
    • Photo Booth: [Minimum 2hrs]
    • Stilt Walker: [Dress to the theme of the event fun for photos and dances]
    • Caricature/Balloon/Face Paint Artist
  • Time
    • Extra Hours
    • Idle Time
    • Outside Set Up: [Outside is considered non-Brick and Mortar areas ex: Tents, Pavilions etc.]